For SAIC Visible Side Class, taught by Jessica Cochran

SITE Columbus, December 7-15 2018

Dys/functional Furniture

The exhibition concept was proposed to the class by me, and subsequently unanimously picked to execute.


Exhibition design today often entirely removes the functionality from familiar objects, displaying them on pedestals and in vitrines deprived of the interaction they invite. Dys/Functional Furniture is instead a platform to probe the edges of functionality or lack thereof. Defining furniture in the broadest sense to encompass domestic furniture, exhibition furniture and related objects, the exhibition not only creates a space for contemplation and conversation, but also for multi-sensory experience. As we negotiate the boundaries of use-value in familiar objects, we seek a longer discussion that demystifies the value of touch in relation to the power of intentional design.

Curators - Vidisha Aggarwal, Hannah Bassewitz, Dani Char, Charlotte Chesters, Gaurangi Desai, Massiel Franco, Amelia Kwak, A. Seul Park, Anushka Patel, Malika Spruiell, Craig A. Stam, Tara Suh, Majo Urbina, Manuela Uribe

Featuring - Danny Bracamontes, Stephanie Germosen, Catherine Hu, Maria Karaman, Elizabeth Khong, Robyn Leung, Yun Hee Min, Ed Oh, Daniel Salamanca, Hope Wang