“Coming into being”

Curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala

SAIC, 2018


“Prints United”

Spudnik Press, 2019


Made in collaboration with Seetharam Vallabhaneni.


FABRIC, (2018-) explores architectural spaces and surfaces that are results of a palimpsest of time, culture, ownership, and nature. The images are from our visits to Kochi, a tropical city in southern India and the city of New Orleans in USA. Although it is inspired by real conditions, our aim is not to produce an exact replica within a controlled environment.


The series began as a distilled architectural study of a surface - a wall, of a dwelling or of a multifunctional space that has become a canvas. Each crack on the surface revealing something. Each layer of paint or plaster trying to convey something. The first iteration of Fabric documents our moments of interaction with the textures and colors of these lime plastered walls as a series of cyanotypes. Each moment is isolated and frozen in time.


The second iteration was an attempt to stitch new spaces together drawing on our phenomenological experience as we walked through spaces in these two cities, from two different countries each with their own set of lores informed by their genius loci.


The third iteration explores the blurred boundaries of textiles and architecture, where one inspires and informs the other to the point where we can no longer distinguish which has inspired which. Like gothic arches reimagined as necklines by a local tailor, or the motifs on terra-cotta tiles of Kerala inspired by jari works of the local textile industry.


The result is ambiguous, creating an abstraction of the source and its materiality. It is a depiction of another reality, seen almost by accident, we imagine it will be explored in ways other than specified, allowing for personal interpretation.

Size - 8.5 x 11 in.

Materials - Cyanotype on cotton cloth

Price on request




A continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land.


Any high vertical surface or facade, especially one that is imposing in scale.


A thing perceived as a protective or restrictive barrier.




A part or division of a building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling.




From the Latin word faber - worker in metal, stone, etc. The word originally denoted a building, later a machine, the general sense being - something made.


The walls, floor, and roof of a building.



Cloth produced by weaving or knitting textile fibres.



The basic structure of a society, culture, activity, etc.

① Fabric

    SAIC, 2018

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② Prints United

    Spudnik Press, 2019


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Made in collaboration with Seetharam Vallabhaneni.