“The 2018 VCD Design Show”

Chicago Design Market, 2018

Show Don't Tell

Show Don't Tell: The 2018 VCD Design Show was the final exhibition of the graduating students in the Visual Communication Design Department. The show was held at the Chicago Design Market Space from May 11th - 12th and was organized by SAIC AIGA.

Show Don't Tell captures the essence of what SAIC's Visual Communication Design department stands for. The logo is constructed only out of shapes and lines to visually represent 'showing not telling'. Patterns were created based on the logo itself, and adjusted based on the application to convey simplicity, the use of basic design elements and playfulness.

Curators - Vidisha Aggarwal, Morgan Itterly, Yash Rastogi

Graphic Design - Catina Deubler (Art Director), Morgan Itterly, Yash Rastogi, Jeremiah Shalo, Hannah Sun, Austin White


Graphic Design -